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دانلود سریال Conviction

Conviction (2016 TV series)

دانلود سریال Conviction فصل اول
قسمت سیزدهم اضافه شد
نسخه x265 اضافه شد


زبان : انگلیسی
کیفیت : ۴۸۰p – ۷۲۰p
فرمت : MKV
حجم : ۱۰۰ مگابایت
محصول : ABC
ستارگان : Hayley Atwell, Shawn Ashmore, Eddie Cahill
وضعیت: در حال پخش ( ۲۰۱۶ – )
خلاصه داستان:
سريال Conviction درباره یک وکیل جوان است که پدرش سابقا رئیس جمهور آمریکا بوده است، مورد تهدید قرار میگیرد تا مدیریت سازمانی به نام CIU را عهده دار شود. او و تیمش در این سازمان وظیفه دارند تا پرونده هایی را مورد بررسی قرار دهند که در آن افراد به طور اشتباهی محکوم شده اند…

Conviction (2016 TV series)

Conviction is an American legal drama television series on ABC. It premiered on Monday, October 3, 2016.[2] The series, starring Hayley Atwell, was picked up from pilot on May 12, 2016.[3] A full trailer was released on May 17, 2016.[4] On November 8, 2016, ABC announced there will be no back-order for more than the 13 contracted episodes, however the remaining episodes will air.


After lawyer Hayes Morrison, daughter of a former President of the United States, is arrested for cocaine possession, she is blackmailed by her former adversary and current district attorney into heading his new Conviction Integrity Unit. Putting her in charge provides publicity, but slights a member of the team. Hayes reluctantly accepts in order to save herself and her family from public embarrassment. She and her team take the case of Odell Dwyer, a "good-looking black poster-boy" in prison for murdering his girlfriend back when the two were in high school. Through investigation of the forensics, the case detective, and scene re-creation, Hayes and the CIU prove that Odell was not the murderer.

"Bridge and Tunnel Vision"

Hayes decides to go after one of Wallace's career-making cases, the Prospect 3. They were three boys charged with raping and assaulting a woman, Zadie Daniels, on her way from work. Zadie was hit in the head by a brick, so she does not remember the attack, but the media called her a hero. None of the members of the group—Mike, Brian, and Seamus—was a DNA match for the semen in the rape kit, but they confessed after exhaustive interrogations, each one blaming the others. After learning that the timelines did not match up, the CIU discovered that Zadie had sex with a married man the night of the assault, the source of the semen. They also learn that Brian had previously attacked other females, including his foster sister, which is why Wallace was sure that the three boys were the culprits. Hayes gets Brian to admit that he was the only person responsible for the assault, freeing Mike and Seamus. Although she proves two people innocent, Hayes feels depressed, as Zadie's reputation is now ruined.

"Dropping Bombs"

To spite Wallace after his comment about "the new Hayes Morrison", Hayes digs out the case of bigoted activist Rodney Landon (Mike Doyle), convicted of planting a bomb in a mosque office and killing four men, including the Imam. The CIU team finds Landon was primarily a suspect because of an illegal search by the Counter-Terrorism Unit, and that although he didn't plant the bomb he was planning far more deadly attacks. Because the illegal search would throw out most of the evidence against Landon and get him released, Sam has a talk with a skinhead in the prison. Hayes is notified that Landon was attacked after being suspected of being a snitch, and stabbed his attacker with a shiv. By committing a felony on camera he will remain in prison. The actual bomber turns out to be the wife of the Imam who was angry because of his multiple affairs. Hayes' cocaine arrest becomes public when video of her in jail is released to the media.

"Mother's Little Burden"

The CIU works on the case of Penny Price, a stay-at-home mom who vlogged about taking care of her violent, autistic son, Owen. Penny was charged with second degree murder by leaving a bottle of soy sauce outside, which Owen drank entirely. However, Frankie finds out from the case's toxicologist that Owen did not die from a sodium overdose, but from a lack of sugar due to an insulin shot. They go to Penny's husband, Greg Price, a pharmacist who was having an affair, as well as Owen's caretaker, Eduardo, whose sister had dangerously low insulin levels on the day of Owen's murder. Hayes realizes that the only person with means and motive was Penny's daughter, Emily. Penny tells Emily to keep quiet, and says that she will take the blame, telling Hayes that her daughter deserves a life. Meanwhile, Hayes must juggle solving the case and working with her brother, Jackson, to prepare for a "mea culpa" television interview. Jackson drills her on what to wear — the right suit and her mother's pearls, what to say and how to say it. During the interview she uses her charm and the rehearsed responses until her lies and the pearls begin to choke her. She then tells the truth about privilege. This action will hurt her mother's campaign and throws Wallace under the bus. The next night after solving the case, Hayes goes home to Jackson's apartment, only to find that he has kicked her out.

"The 1% Solution"

After being kicked out, Hayes decides to sleep in the office and call Jackson every day until he forgives her. The team focuses on the case of Will Jarrett, an orphan who was taken in by the Porters, a rich family. The mother, Debra Porter, was stabbed several times, and Will was blamed. The team traces a shoeprint back to the father, David, and the gardener, Luis, both claiming innocence. Shortly after, the son, Sean, is seen on video planting the murder weapon in Luis' truck, but David claims that Will threatened Sean to do so. Will decides to say that the claim is true. Suspecting that Will is hiding something, the team walks through the crime scene, and sees that it is likely that both Sean and Will killed Debra. After Will admits he and Sean were lovers and provides video evidence of the plan, Sean is arrested. David explains that Debra knew and didn't care that Sean was gay, but believed that Will was unfit for Sean because he came from a poor family. Jackson finally forgives Hayes. Hayes also tries to confess her feelings to Wallace, but is unable to do so. She finds out that because of the Justice Department's investigation Wallace hired outside counsel. Naomi Golden is both his and Hayes' ex-girlfriend. Meanwhile, Frankie is conflicted about the appeal of his former cellmate, Rey. Tess looks into it and says he's guilty, but Frankie later talks to Hayes, who agrees to look at the case for him.


After a black teenager is killed by a cop which causes an argument among the team, Hayes decides to choose the case of Porscha Williams, a black activist who was convicted of the shooting murder of Sergeant Kelsey Blake during a protest. Maxine feels conflicted as she is both black with a son and an ex-cop. Meanwhile, Hayes meets with Naomi, Wallace's lawyer, who flirts with Hayes. Tess tells Frankie about being an eyewitness to her aunt's murder at age 12 and identifying the wrong man. The man, Matty Tan, was cleared by DNA after five years in prison and that she has been going to his coffee-cart frequently without him knowing her connection. The team finds that one eyewitness lied under oath and that other witnesses may have confused Porscha with another woman. Then they discover that the Medical Examiner's van was near the scene longer than necessary, and that the entry and exit wounds may have been mixed up, meaning that Kelsey may have been shot from behind. Using the new angle, the team discovers that one of the other witnesses, George Stayner, was responsible. George, when confronted, says it was an accident and then commits suicide. After Porscha is released, Hayes finds Naomi and Wallace kissing each other.

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